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Full Version: If you could be any dog from gdw who would you be?
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Okay If you could be any gdw character from gdw who would you be? I would be Weed.
Nagareboshi Gin
QUOTE (gingagirl5 @ Jun 12 2010, 07:57 AM) *
Okay If you could be any gdw character from gdw who would you be? I would be Weed.

May I ask why?

I'd probably be Joo (Joe) given my personality and Gin- like morals.
I'd probably be GB or Yukimura.
GB or Hiro =3
Tesshin or Kyoushiro. :3
I'd love to be Kyoshiro or Yukimura. I think they're the most like me of GDW dogs.
accidental double post
i would be Jerome, Joe, GB, Kagetora, Shouji, Kyoshiro, Tesshin, Victor, Maxime, Rydia or Shigure.
thats alot!

GB, Yukimura, John, Akame, Kyoushiro.
I would be Toubei, I am not the one that gives up and goes to the ground (and I have no regrets in life).
John sama
I would be

John: Because of my selfish-ness and i wanna hit the one who hits me too, im not a cry baby
Kaibutsu: Because i cant have jokes about me
Teru: Because i also dont like my father,and im shy by new people
Rocket: Because i will kill anyone who hurts my family, but also scared to do
GB: Because of my phobia with spiders.... xD
I would totally be Weed! =3
My personality fits to John's. I would like to be him. Otherwise, I also would like to be Buru biggrin.gif
i would be kaibutsu orr Kurotora lol
I'd be Rocket, just cuz he's awesome.
I would probably be Gin, Yukimura, Joe, or Weed.
I'd probably be either Akame or Jerome, mainly because of similar personalities.
i would be Tesshin, or Kage. :3
I'd probably be Kyoushiro or John because i have the same type of harsh justice as them smile.gif
I would be Akame. My personality fits well with him.
I would be eaither Kagetora, Gin, Kyoushiro, Joth or Tesshin. Im not sure which one yet
I would be Weed or GB
Probably be either Kyoshiro or Yukimura; I'm a bit temperamental aswell as rebelious, I don't believe a whole lot in loving your biological family for the shear reason of genes, and I am slightly vengeful against my own family so guess that fits with Yukiura at least XD
Gin, Yukimura or tesshin
Akame, Akame, Akame, Akame, Akame, Akame, Akame, Akame, Akame, Akame!!!!!
i would be:
Gin, because he is the protagonist of GNG. i really don't know why i would like to be him...?
Victor, reckless freak! just like me, when i am in the mood.
Yukimura, like a younger version of Gin. besides, Gin is like old now. physically. hes like what, 15? old.
George, awesome!
Akame, i really don't know why.
Kyoushiro, LOVE HIM!!
Tesshin, i dont know why, i just love him!
kaji kiba
I would probably be weed
I have some of the same views of weed and I don't get angry easy unless i am pushed to a limit. So I am very easy going and calm most of the time...I love friends and Life...and even though im a teenager I usually act a lot more innocent..kinda like a kid.
Ona Gin
Tesshin. Gotta love that hair.
I would be caught between Weed, a young, caring yet sometimes naiive Leader.. and Jerome, an assassin trying to leave his harsh past behind him... and prove to Weed how much he means to him (no homo)

Tesshin rocks too!! smile.gif
Kyoshiro , George kagetora kurotora Hiro Jonh Moss and toube cause all them don't take shit from no one.
GNG - Smith
GDW - Mel(he has it easy) or Kage
GDWO - Rigel
I would be Weed hes favorite character!!!
Any dog? Probably Kaibutsu or George. Two of my favorite characters. smile.gif
kyoushiro. nuff said.
George, Alam, or Weed.
It would also be cool to be Akame.
personality-wise, Kyoushiro (my SHUUUUT UUUUP rebel-like attitude) or GB (in a real battle, I would never ever take place, I would just slip away...)

Any of the assassins that worked in the laboratory where Kaibutsu was experimented on. That would be sooo cool. :B Or an Iga dog, ninja skills foreveeer!
Probably Weed. Can't help it, I love him. Cx
kaji kiba
I would be Gin or Weed....I would just love to be a super puppy tongue.gif
i would be either Weed,Joe or Koujiro
I'm thinking Jerome.
I'd love to be Kaibutsu xD
I would be ken, I like his looks even though he was in the shadows alot
I would LOVE to be Akame, but olllllllllld...but then again, Akame's immortal.
personality wise i feel like a Tesshin or Akame for some reason.
i think it's because they fit the title 'beta' nicely and i feel like a beta.
i also agree with a lot of their opinions and actions.

'look' wise i'm thinking i would be something like a Rocket?
LOL i dunno.
QUOTE (John sama @ Jun 12 2010, 12:44 PM) *
GB: Because of my phobia with spiders.... xD

xD Lol.

I think I'd probably be Weed- I'm whiny, hyperactive, and naive. (I also have ridiculously strict morals XD).
Either that or Reika- I think she's a lot stronger than most people think.

Funny, I don't think anyone on here's mentioned Hougen, Genba, or Kamakiri yet- lol.
kagetora.gif i would probably be kagetora biggrin.gif according to personality and i would want to be him if i was in GDW kagetora.gif
I'd be:
John- doesn't obey Hougen which is awesome.
Jerome-He's just awesome
Rocket- He is a cool doggie
Kyoshiro- really good fighting spirit and strong personality.
Toube- he's good at fighting
Kaibutsu- Killing random dogs is fun but not the dying part.
Tesshin- I would just LOVE to beat up Genba!
Now, if I was Weed, In would let my comrades kill any dog I want them to but no Weed doesn't allow his comrades to kill his assassins I see.
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