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Full Version: Ginga-themed shirts on Redbubble
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(I've no idea where to post this so please move this topic if it's in the wrong section)

So I decided to jump on the Redbubble bandwagon and set up my own shop there, and as the topic title says, I intend to create some Ginga-based t-shirt designs for purchase there. At the moment, there's only three different ones available, but I'll be adding more as time goes on. (Please note that Redbubble technically offers a variety of products you can order with the art on them, but these have been made with t-shirts and other apparel in mind so I can't guarantee the designs looking good on everything.)

To get my feet wet, so to speak, I made these very simplistic, chibi-esque designs featuring a bunch of Ginga characters apiece. They're currently available in Soldiers of Ohu (GNG), Soldiers of Ohu (GDW), and Hougen's Army flavors, but I intend on making more of them. And don't worry, I'm also planning on creating other, more varied designs as well!

Ahh!! Digsu I love these! I'm definitely going to see to buying a GNG one!
I just ordered the first one XD You added Moss and I had to OwO
These are so cute nice job and good color for the shirts smile.gif
I bought the GNG shirt! Thanks for making these awesome shirts, Digsu! I can't wait to get mine and wear it!
I love these. If I had some money left, I would definitely buy one or two.
these are adorable! i hope i get paid soon so i can get some smile.gif
Thank you so much everyone! It's great to hear that you like the designs ^^

Here's some new ones I added today - they're a bit more traditional-looking, with Gin and Weed being the first ones available in this style.

And, as I promised, more of the chibi guys! This time it's one featuring the Dogs of Kai.

I had to take some artistic freedoms with their markings, as the dark/black around their muzzles tended to completely obscure their mouths, making them look significantly less adorable and more like they were all screaming bloody murder.

Also, remember that if you don't like the main color of the t-shirt itself, Redbubble allows you choose another color if you'd like. The "default" colors are just the ones I feel fit the shirt the best, but to each their own and all that.
Added another new design, The Three Brothers of Kai.

I've also made a couple of Digimon designs over the past few days.

Lastly, I've fixed the earlier designs' placements on non-shirt products. I'd just left them as default, so the pictures tended to be horribly cropped on items like mugs and phone cases, but they should look good now - you can see all the products the design is available for in the "Available Products" tab.
Got three more done today - Jerome, War, and Bearhounds.

Redbubble seems to have a sale today - using the discount code SPOOKY20 will give a 20% discount on all items.

Ah! Those new shirts look wonderful! I love the one with the three Kai-Bros on it <3
QUOTE (Gingastar @ Oct 18 2016, 10:25 AM) *
Ah! Those new shirts look wonderful! I love the one with the three Kai-Bros on it <3
Thank you, Star!

Two new designs: Riki and The Devil of Kouga.

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