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Full Version: Ridiculously expensive cels on eBay
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Does anyone actually buy these? Are they overpriced or is this the actual value of GNG cels?

Daisuke - $75
Hidetoshi - $75
Gohei - $75
Gohei & Daisuke - $115
Gin - $150
Ben fighting - $225
Akame - $300
Kai brothers - $345
Gin - $345
Gin - $450
Gin - $460
Gin & John - $640
Gin - $640
Gin - $640
Akame - $640
Akame & Hakuro - $640
Group - $675
John & Akame - $900

I've bought one of the $75 ones before, but there's no cance I can ever afford any of the full colored ones. Only millionares can buy those lol
The majority of them are overpriced wink.gif
This seller is a well-known head-ache in the general anime cel community. They buy a lot of cels, and list them on Ebay for several times as much as they paid for them. Often they don't sell and remain forever re-listed on Ebay, not just the Ginga ones.

Some time ago I was the second highest bidder on This cel originally on Mandarake. If only I knew the bidder I was against was them, they won it for only 8000yen once I decided to save for that month and let someone else win O_O
It will never sell on Ebay.

The most I have paid for a Ginga cel is 28,500yen. That's generally as high as I see them ever go (apart from a few rare exceptions). You can certainly get them much cheaper than that still.

You can get a good idea of some of the sold prices from finished Madarake auctions Here. Hopefully they will list some new auctions sometime.
Ooh, didn't know about Mandarake! Must browse the site!

EDIT: Now look what you did! I just bought for 2000 yen on Mandarake. I blame you! laugh.gif
Sliding in here to say I hate this person. LOL. I mean what's the point in buying up sells, listing them on ebay forever and never selling any. It's a totally pointless exercise to try and artificially inflate the cel prices, which isn't working because everyone in the Ginga Cel community knows that their prices are bullshit.
The seller is actually annoying as he sells only GNG cels with huge price tag. I have seen him buy cels from Dragon Ball and sell them for double price (5000 yen -> 100 dollars etc.) which I can understand: he probably owns a company and pays taxes. With Ginga-items the prices are insane as Kasi gave example: 8000 yen cel -> 849,90 dollars. That's over 10 times the original price!

Sadly, people actually buy cels from him as there is no easy way to compare cel prices. Also they are on sale every now and then which make people to think that they got good bargain from item.
To resell with profit = fair enough. But 10 times the price? He must be out of his mind! Would be better off giving it a really low starting bid and then let people start a bidding war. Would raise the price on it's own, but still within a reasonable range
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