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Has anyone here used Buyee (advertised on Yahoo Japan) as their middleman before? And if so, what was your experience like and what are the average amount of fees?

Thanks in advance!
I always use Buyee (Ever since recently, when I started buying off Yahoo Japan again. I used to use some other middleman I think I used FromJapan and ShoppingMallJapan or something before I started using Buyee) when buying from YJ. They don't overcharge for fees and are fair (In my opinion) compared to some other middlemen. They aren't very complicated (Although I still don't know how to bid on things but that's because I haven't really tried to yet) I haven't ordered large lots from there, only small things like figures and plushies, so I'm not sure what the fees would be like for that. But for my George plush, he was originally $282, and with fees he came out to be $320 (But I believe they charged a bit more for fees since he was expensive? They usually for cheaper things don't charge too much) That doesn't include shipping, but if you're ordering something like a plush or figure it shouldn't be too much. It takes a bit for it to get to their warehouse, and they send an email to the email you use for your Buyee account when it's ready to be shipped. To ship it, go to my page, and you should see a red 1 (or any number for that matter. It's the number of items ready to be shipped) next to package information. Click it, and that's where it will say how much for shipping and you can set up the way you'd like it to be shipped. They take a few days to ship I believe, but it doesn't take that long to get to me (But I always choose EMS) Overall, I'd say my experience with them is very very good and I highly recommend using them. I hope this was helpful!
I've always used Buyee when buying from Yahoo! Japan Auctions and have had similarly positive experiences with them. They're very simple to use and the items they ship always arrive quickly, though in my opinion the shipping fees are a little bit expensive. I suppose that's the cost of receiving packages from the other side of the world within a day or two of shipping, though, so I'm personally pretty okay with it.
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