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Full Version: The manga (Hougen arc) and the anime
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As we all know, the 2005 anime adaptation of the Hougen arc was a hit-and-miss, depending on if you had read the manga prior or if you hadn't. A lot of people (like me) enjoyed the anime due to its simplistic storyline... until you read the manga, that is.

The Hougen arc portion of the manga was mindblowing. It was full of complex characters, a clean art style; it was a classic good-VS-evil shonen story that lasted a whopping 29 and a half volumes simply because of how long the battles lasted sometimes! The anime cut and changed a good chunk of material from the long-running arc. This included cutting characters (all the humans, Sniper, George and Mole) simplifying or removing subplots, eliminating some character backgrounds (Rocket and GB), changing character designs and motives (Kite and Hougen), and even changing the ENDING (Hougen is ironically killed by lightning after Weed refuses to kill him. In the manga, Shouji shows up after the battle and shoots Hougen dead. In addition, in the anime, Jerome dies!). I rewatched the anime after reading the manga over once more about a year ago, and from a neutral standpoint the anime is essentially an abridged version of a very long manga arc.

But is this simplification a good thing or a bad thing?

My question is this: which was a more enjoyable story, the GDW manga, or its anime counterpart?

My answer is, well, the manga, but the anime is still quite enjoyable. While I dislike that they cut so many characters from the anime (GEORGE!!) I understand that their own introductions and whatnot were not necessarily integral to getting the plot going. Hell, even Sniper wasn't that important to Hougen's ulterior motives of taking over Ohu. Making Jerome kill Thunder and Lecter in the anime made more sense than killing the foxhound spies in the anime. And as a matter of fact, I thought the ending to the anime was better than the manga's ending. Having Weed give a whole heartfelt speech about why he wouldn't personally kill Hougen, then have a human with no personal relationship with the other dogs run up and shoot Hougen in the face, was kind of laughable and was a Deus Ex Machina if I've ever seen one. The anime ending also ended up with Hougen dying, but at the hands of karma and the dogs he'd killed coming back in Heaven to, almost literally, bite him in the ass. Even still, the manga was more emotional, its characters were loads more interesting, the subplots were a fun addition, and everything seemed to come together nicely, in comparison to the charming yet choppy and lazily-animated anime.
Abridged is exactly the word I would use, not really a good thing, but not really a bad thing either. Considering the quality of the animation in GDW, I'm actually quite happy that they didn't draw it out any longer than it needed to be. Had actual work been put into the show, of course I would think differently of it, but as is, I don't have a problem with it either way.
I think, the manga was the better, because it has the full story of course.
I mean in it, that there we can see Sniper again, Tokimune's real death, etc. so it was more exiting then the anime. I don't like really the anime version (not only because the style, I like it) but the manga is better for me smile.gif
Hard choice!
Of course the manga had more thought put into it, but there was no way in hell the anime could have done it all-they are usually given a max amount of episodes to do the story in, not the other way around. Plus, changes to a story don't always ruin it, Black Butler 1 & 2 are good examples of a still really enjoyable story/retelling. Anime is also an interpretation of the manga, seen through another crew's eyes who edit it for the public to enjoy their way. It's no really that much of a bad thing. Gives us more stories!
Anime for me since I haven't read the series full arc in English, thus can't judge properly.
I choose manga.
I grew up with GNG/Silver Fang, and was hoorified that the Gin I know and respected suddenly was like "kill me" and was so weak. And that Musashi seemed to be son of Moss, as no Jaguar was there, and Moss a fighting dog as he too came from Shikoku here. Not to mentioned the wrong in the flashback.
Plus, Weed went against himself. In anime, he banished Jerome for killing assasins, and didn't forgive Jerome for that, even if Jerome had travelled to Shikoku, but he forgave H˘gen even if he still was all about "I'm gonna kill you all, you can't kill me", and H˘gen just suddenly from not barley to stand up to climb up Gaj˘... In manga, Weed bansihed for killing "simple" spies, and banished Jerome, but let him come back into the pack not to long after and still entrusted him with imortant stuff. And he didn't forgive H˘gen, it was because H˘gen plead to Weed to let him live.
And if anime just mentioned J˘ji and Minnie, as they were showned in GNG, I would be okay
Blue Horse
I haven't read the manga so I don't know. But apparently the manga version is longer.
@ Tora I have however don't see how weed can't forgive Jerome but forgive Hougen hen in fact hougen killed more dogs anyway.
Troll Berserker
Manga, because of the reasons listed by Tora.
+ Gin's character. I hated how usueless he was in the anime. In manga he tried to fight and escape instead of just laying around and whinning how weak he is.
+ Hougen's death. It was VERY unrealistic in the anime. Not only nobody noticed how he escaped, but from near-death state he managed to climb a huge, icy rock formation in fairly short time.
+ Like Tora said, Jerome's death was unecessary and Weed's actions are illogical. He forgave Hougen for killing thousands of dogs, friends and fine warriors with cold blood because of power lust, and he couldn't forgive Jerome who killed spies who would probably kill Weed or cause even more trouble to Ohu soldiers. By this, Weed stupidly led to Jerome's death.
+ Many nice characters were introduced, like George and other characters are more developed.
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