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Full Version: Thoughts on Ryo?
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I did a discussion on how Ryo is underrated. But I think she needs more attention. t
Oh and if you guys don't know her, she appeared in the anime as one of Jerome's helpers. She was pretty much the action girl in the anime. Any thoughts?
Yeah, Ryo was quite close to an action girl in the anime and we rarely see females like this in Ginga...
But the thing is that she isn't created by the original creator. I usually do not care about these sort of characters.

It would have been cool if Yoshi created her. Then I would find her interesting, since this is Yoshi we're talking about.
Now looking back on this, was it ever stated why these characters were created? Since they were not in the manga? Because it would be easy to imagine why certain manga characters were cut out (time constraints, they were only essential to one plotline, etc.) but to create entirely new characters and put them in? It just seems kind of curious they would go out of their way to do that.

I would've liked to see more backstory regarding Ryo and her (siblings? I think they were) since they just kind of appeared out of nowhere. They all seemed pretty well trained in battle and want to follow Jerome, so I think maybe they were also guard dogs who knew about him?
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