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Full Version: Why did Sniper kill Stone ?
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Hello everyone, I wondered : why did Sniper kill Stone in volume 16 ? And what did they say before the fight ?

I read that Hougen told Sniper to kill Stone to prove his loyalty, but... this is just strange Oo

I can't read Japanese very well, I think Stone and Kamakiri mocked Sniper but I'm not sure... Could someone please resume me what happened ?

Here's a link : (it's from 3mn 07)

Thanks in advance ^^
I don't know why he killed Stone but I think he wanted to show what his legs can do. They might think his legs are useless but it's a special weapon for Sniper. He's sure all will be afriad for his legs and Hougen will be impressed. Who knows, but that's what I think. smile.gif
Of the little I can read, it was to let the Number 2 of Hougen (Sniper) and Number 2 of Kamakiri (Stone) fight. We will know more when vol 16 comes out in Finnish soon. ^^
Okay... So I just fetched my volume 16 because the scans in the youtube video were rather unreadable... xD
If I got it right Kamakiri and co. didn't like Sniper's attitude and Hougen suggested a fight between Sniper and Stone to determine who should be number 2 and 3 serving under him. If Stone should lose, Sniper would be number 2 and Kamakiri only number 3. We see how that ended.
I'm not 100% sure, though, as I'm still learning... |D
I believe Stone was threatend by Sniper and there for Sniper challenged to fight.
Thank you everyone biggrin.gif
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