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Full Version: How was hakuro missing a leg?
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Blue Horse
Who cutt his leg off?
Victor and his band of merry men if I remember correctly.
If you're referring to why Hakuro was missing one of his legs when he first made an appearance in the GDW manga, it's because of the wolves in the GNG manga having ripped it off in a fight early in the wolves arc.

However, if you're referring to a later point in the Russian Dogs arc, then I don't think I can answer that one. Sorry ^^;
^^ahh eve beat me to it! xP

Wasn't it the wolves in the beginning of the GNG wolf arc?
Yeah, he lost it in the Wolf Arc in GNG.
Whoops, I completely mixed it up. I was thinking about Hakuro's death - that was Victor and his dogs' doing.

I should not be posting things at 2 AM with a tired befuddled mind.
Strictly speaking it was Gaia's wolves who cut Hakuro's leg off.
Hakuro searched the guilty one from Reima's pack, but he said the one who attacked him back in the Hokkaido, was black coated.
Gaia's soldiers cut it off when he wouldn't tell them where Gin was.
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