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Full Version: GDW: The Importance of Both the Manga and the Anime
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Do you know what kind of annoys me sometimes? It kind of gets to me when people say that they hate the GDW manga but they love the anime or that they love the manga but hate the anime. Personally, I believe that both the manga and the anime have a really big impact on the whole main idea of the story. Sure, there are many things that I liked better about one story than the other. For example:
(Pros) I personally thought that the manga had less cuss words and included many characters that weren't introduced in the anime, like George for example. (Cons) However, the creators had a tough time maintaining the style of the characters, and some of the characters' deaths were more violent and horrifying than in the anime, like John's death for instance. (Pros) The anime contained parts of the story where more of the characters were involved, like Smith for instance, and some of the characters' dispositions were better adjusted than in the manga. (Cons) But, some of the flashbacks from GNG were not accurate and there was things that I wish that they would have explained in the earlier episodes, like how Smith had lost his leg for example.
However, in the end, it's easy to understand that both of the stories give you a better picture of what really happened. It truly brings out the pros and cons of each of them and it helps people to recognize errors and accuracy.

Please feel free to post your thoughts on this topic as honest opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I outlined my thoughts in this topic.

While I can't truly judge the manga since I haven't read it, I liked the GDW anime. Yeah, the animation was awful, but the overall story was compacted and made sense. The amount of characters was toned down and their characterizations were more consistent. I think it would be great if the anime had a few more episodes, more corrected GNG-related content, and better animation, but overall it was a good story. I don't even mind Jerome dying (probably) or Hougen's death-by-lightning. It was more powerful than being shot by a vengeful policeman, though less poignant.
I say that the Manga is more important. Though the manga have many less important characters, then shouldn't the (stupid) anime cut out Harutora and Nobutora who have contributed nothing as well?
That darn GDW anime has too many plot holes and inaccurate flashbacks (Akakabuto's defeat). Some of the things in the anime never make any sense like why would Chourou the oldest Koga dog is fluffy and friendly to others?! Because of the change in Chourou's role in the anime, it seems like the anime had been ignoring the Koga Dogs' defeat by the Ohu Soldiers so when an old Koga Dog is bitter and bald, it makes more sense as it has a nod to GNG fans.
The humans in GDW manga (as well as Daisuke, Hidetoshi and the retired policeman Shoji Sudou) also contribute to the plot because they are the key reasons for the dogs' point of view.
With the good humans like Daisuke, Weed becomes less fearful and is neutral with them. You see, when he saw Tokimune was shot by Hidetoshi and his huntsmen squad, he thought that all humans are monsters who killed his "father". However, when Weed was still wounded and exhausted from fighting Kaibutsu, Daisuke came over to take a look at the monster dog to prove the rumours were true when Kaibutsu attacked him. Weed saved Daisuke's life by barking loudly at Kaibutsu and then, when the monster retreated, Daisuke in return had taken Weed home to heal him thus Weed found that not all humans are bad.
Now back to this topic...In the anime, when Hougen told Weed that the humans are evil and the anime never makes any sense when there are the good humans are cut out. So with the good humans cut out, the anime has the all humans are evil stereotype. If Hougen and his army are fighting because they hate humans so much, then why do the Ohu dogs bother fighting when there are no good humans around?!
The manga absolutly. Though the GDW animé got more fans around the world (thanks to musicvideos and stuff) you understand the manga more. I mean, you understand why Weed did it that way, since in the animé he just does it since he's the Leader and son of Gin and blah blah blah. Mitch already stated most of it. ^^
The pros and cons between a manga and its anime are the usual ones. In a manga, the story is longer, explains more, have more details and character development and is usually better drawn, this does not only count for GDW. The only anime I've come across that looked better than its manga was Wolf's Rain. A pretty odd case that one, the manga was even shorter with an entirely different ending O.o There are some animes that looks as good as the manga too, IMO such as Death Note, Nana, Ouran and Inuyasha.
With the anime, you get to see the characters in color, move and hear how their voices sound plus a soundtrack. Although the manga to GDW is obviously way better, there were a few things I liked better in the anime.

- The defeat of Banken

I thought it was really cool how Weed used the battouga by instinct, then fell unconscious afterwards due to how it completely drained him of his powers. When I read the manga version there was no battouga, instead Weed, GB and Sasuke just jumped the guy and took the spin attack thing on him for a sec and suddenly he was defeated. I found that boring, lol, I was waiting to see Weed perform the battouga.

- Kyoushiro

This is what most people thinks, Kyoushiro in the manga have long eyelashes and looks like he's female. Pretty much the only one who's design is better in the anime.

- Weed's reunion with Kyoushiro after Jerome's banishment

Another part I liked really well in the anime. How Weed bashed Kyuoshiro to the ground and then smiled saying "Let's go, Kyoushiro." and he smirked back was really touching in a way and portrayed their relationship well. In the manga, Weed started crying like a bi*ch when he saw Kyoushiro had returned. I believe someone here even put it in their signature XD I was like "WTH?! What is this? O.o"

Aside from this though, the manga will always be way better.
Once I think about it, I really don't know which I like better. The one part in the anime that I liked over the manga was that Hougen was killed by lightning, not by some police dude. What I didn't like about the anime was that it excluded some characters and differed from the manga plot line. Also...sometimes the manga art kind of scares me. Ahem Kyo eyelashes Ahem
Ona Gin
They both have importance. Arguably, the manga should be considered more important, given that there would be no anime without it. The manga is also the original source material, even though a great deal of liberaty was taken with it in the anime adaptation (but let's be honest, there are countless cases of this happening). It included many interesting characters like George, Maxim and Lydia who were never to appear in the anime. It carried on after the Hougen arc and made new story-lines for our heroes. However, it was (in my opinion) dragged on for way too long. This wouldn't have been so bad if the art style didn't take a nose dive around the Russian Dog arc.
One thing I especially liked about the manga was how it layed old characters to rest. I was happy to know Ben died peacefully of old age. Though I was most saddened to hear how Moss and Hakuro died ):

However, I am really not far into the manga. I sortof gave up, given how long it is. I have better anime and manga to waste my time reading/watching.

In regards to the Ginga fandom however, the anime can be seen as more important. The anime has certainly wrangled in a great many fans - myself included - to the Ginga fandom. It's release by both official means and fansubs makes much more acccessable than the manga. Flawed though it was, the anime is enjoyable as a stand alone thing. Of course it made changes to the manga, it was a 26 episode series. I honestly think that way too much is expected from the fandom who have read or know of the manga in regards to the anime. The art was horrendous in part, and while I ADORE Studio DEEN, there was no excuse for that. But changes to the overal story-line, character cuts and other such changes are completely to be expected. An example is Hougen's death. Okay... I'll never understand WHY they chose lightning, but if he had been killed by Shoji, they'd have to dedicate some screen time to Shoji in order for the ending to make sense. If this was a rush job, it would have been just as annoying as the lightening bolt.

...Oh dear, went off on one there.
But yes, they are both important, and both have their good and bad merits. Ultimately, it's up to the individual fan to decide.
QUOTE (Ona Gin @ Feb 13 2011, 01:33 PM) *
They both have importance. Arguably, the manga should be considered more important, given that there would be no anime without it.

That's what I'm thinking. The manga is the "original'. The anime is based on the manga.
I haven't read the mangas, but I really like the anime and feel kind of bad when people say its bad. I know everyone has their own opinion but I wish they wouldn't be so harsh ad i think the anime and manga are both just as important biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Zingotaltora @ Feb 26 2011, 05:03 AM) *
I haven't read the mangas, but I really like the anime and feel kind of bad when people say its bad. I know everyone has their own opinion but I wish they wouldn't be so harsh ad i think the anime and manga are both just as important biggrin.gif

Yes. I don't mind if people give out their personal opinions on certain subjects but I feel that they could be a bit more polite when they do. For example, I despise pornography but that doesn't mean that I'm going to go to someone who's watching porn and say, "YOU ARE A SICK PERVERT!!!" or something like that.
Also, people always try to make it seem like the anatomy in both the manga and, especially in the anime, was terrible. Just because the anatomy isn't as amazing in GDW as Wolf's Rain or GNG it is still very good. I got to be honest with you, there is not too many realistic animated movies or shows nowadays and when you compare the Ginga series to The Jungle Book there is absolutely no comparison, the anatomy of the canines in the Ginga series is way better. How can anyone go wrong with this little fella here:


I thought the anime made more sense. The manga's plot has all these complicated twists and turns.
QUOTE (ZackThePuppy @ Feb 26 2011, 01:53 PM) *
I thought the anime made more sense. The manga's plot has all these complicated twists and turns.

I may have said this before, but yesssss. I can't follow the manga's plot sometimes, though that might be because I can't read it anytime. It's not really the good kind of convoluted either, where there's clear direction and cause/effect.
Meh, iunno. I always just liked the manga least until the end of the Hougen arc. I don't dislike the anime as much as I used to though, and I might be biased just because I'm a manga nerd though. lol
Many good points here, and I also like the manga better, BUT i shouldn't have gotten in to the whole ginga if it weren't for the anime.
So of course I love the Anime also.
And in my mind I also think that the manga are the "true events", if you know what I mean blink.gif
Well in detail and story wise I do prefer the manga,only in some story sequences the anime. Though because I cannot read all the manga I go more for the anime.
I first got into the manga after finding the first three volumes in English at a used book store,but later on watched the anime and a bit more of the manga I found translated here but still angry it never even got through Hougens arc.
They both do.
Well, since I didn't read the manga, I chose the anime. xD

I know that you can read the mangas online, but I'm way too lazy to do that. xDDD And I tried jut reading it by looking at the pictures and I'm just like what. :/
Capt. Snugglebottom
Both serve a valuable purpose, though I'll admit I prefer the Manga mainly because it's got a more clearer/thicker plot.

The anime would have been better if they would have made it longer, would have included the Manga plot (All of it) and the characters they left out that are in the Manga.

All in all though I like both, I get a great deal of enjoyment out of both equally, they've served and are currently serving their purpose as a whole in my house.
I think both are important.

The manga is important because it is the original source material and has given us a better idea about the characters in it. While I'll admit the plot was long and complicated, I rather enjoyed the relationships that Yoshihiro created with his characters, both old and new. The anime probably had a limited amount of development time and wasn't able to create as much content as the manga had, but I don't think that means that it was unimportant. There are plot points in the anime that I enjoyed more than the manga. The condensed bits are parts I enjoyed because I feel that the manga dragged them on too long. I do wish, however, that the anime had more characters and maybe one more arc (the monkey arc would have been great to introduce Weed's brother, Yukimura, and mention his other brother, Joe). All in all, I think both have their pros and cons in both story execution and characters.
I think the manga made more sense than the anime
So I choose manga
The manga is important because without it, the anime wouldn't exsist. I personally like the anime better though because it's shorter and I like the character's personalities in it better(except for Weed's). I like how it made you sympathize more with Kaibutsu than the manga did and how Jerome died saving Weed. I thought that was very touching. I also perfer anime more to manga in general because it is in color, the characters move, and I don't have to read anything if I watch it dubbed.
Manga, of course. As caninesrock said, without it, the anime could not even enter, and it will also make more sense to me, or at least then, when each part has been translated into Finnish (that takes couple years, but at least them will come in finnish(yay biggrin.gif )).
Both are important/significant in their own ways.

Without the manga, the anime would not exist. Given how poorly the anime was drawn and written in parts, perhaps it wouldn't be that huge of a deal. On the flip side, I found the anime first, and that's what led me back to the manga version. Generally, I prefer the manga. Yes, the cast in the manga is monstrous, but I like all the new characters, and I honestly don't find the stories in it that hard to keep up with. That's just me though.

Now, to compliment the anime (since we all know its flaws by this point.). While certain plot points were changed, or even omitted (along with certain characters.), it condensed the first few arcs rather well - what, under most circumstances would have taken at least two seasons, they summed it up in just one. That's rather admirable. While I prefer Hougen's death in the manga, the implications of the animated version certainly makes up for it with its hilarity. Also, as someone else pointed out, I prefer to hear the voices and watch the action. I have a tendency to get lost during action scenes in manga.
I voted that anime , manga have there purposes , even if i haven't read the manga, but my view is that when you watch the anime there often are things that are not a part of the anime that is a part of the manga , so when you seen the anime you maybe wonder of those parts & then you read the manga or manga first then anime so i much agree with Mustang.
Blue Horse
Both. Manga may be on going but both have their importance.
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